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    Live CD Boot Problem

    In an effort to broaden my OS horizons, I decided to try various Live CD's on a computer a friend gave me. (It's a P4 HP540n, 512 ram, loaded with XP Pro and it locks up during the XP Pro screen, no idea what the problem is and not too concerned with fixing XP...). The thing is, none of them will actually load except Damn Small Linux. Knoppix is the one which really interests me, however, and the various ISO's I've burned on to discs (at the slowest possible speed, using DeepBurner) all seem to freeze after identifying the Maxtor HD in the boot process, even after using failsafe.
    The long-term plans for that computer include wiping the drive and installing a version of Linux to learn; in the short term I would like to use Knoppix to rescue any of my friend's old data off the drive. (Got a 1 gig jumpdrive for moving data).
    I'd be really grateful for any assistance and would be happy to provide more information if necessary.

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    Hiya Knopcat,
    I'd try removing the HD before booting Knoppix, just to see if it would boot. Your HD could be trashed beyond repair/recovery.
    Good Luck!
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    Thanks for the suggestion. When I disconnected the hdd, the machine just plain wouldn't do anything. I think I'm just going to find another drive to throw in the case and play around with Knoppix at that point... I've got a vacation coming in a couple of weeks and it wouldn't be out of character for me to spend it computerizin'.
    At the local Ollie's discount store, I bought the 2005 Linux Bible and the Linux All-in-one-Desk Reference for Dummies for 8 bucks each, and I'll probably be watching the forums here closely also.
    Thanks again,

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