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    Yamp ( Yet another modem problem )

    I am running SuSE 9.1 Professional on a compaq pressario 2548 AI.
    It has a Hewlett-Packard Corporation 56K AC-Link Smartmodem in it.
    I found
    and followed it precisely.
    SuSE finds the modem well every time and loads slamr.
    From here ?

    ifstatus pppd returns "no configuration found"
    same with smpppd
    I can start ppp0 with ifup ppp0.
    When I run "dial up" from kinternet it gets to "sending ATM" and locks everything. (Power off still works!)

    I have looked at all I can think off for now, any little glimmer of hope would be very much appreciated.

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    Assuming u are on KDE, have u tried KPPP as a dial up tool?? just an opinion...
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    (Yamp) Yet another modem problem

    Thanks Don,

    I'll give that a go. I assume that replaces kinternet?
    or does it do away with smpppd as well?

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    I personaly allwase reccomend wvdial for any dialup connection. it is very easyto set up and it has zero bloat. install wvdial and do the following to set it up:

    wvdialconf wvdial.conf
    That will detect the modem and create a basic config file. you just need to add your username, password and phone number to dial. also edit /etc/ppp/pap-secrets with username and pass. then just type wvdial to start the connection. ctrl + c to stop it.

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