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    Fn key as keybord modifier on IBM R40

    Hi, I've been trying for some time now to use Fn key on my laptop as modifier key (like Alt key) in OpenBox. However I hasn't been successful so far. Has anybody managed to do so? I mapped correct keycode (227) to different keysyms (first F35 (as suggested on ThinkWiki), then Super_L). But it doesn't work in Openbox. The behaviour of Fn key is somehow strange (in xev it behaves like no ordinary key (like letter) but neither as modifier (2 states - pressed/unpressed), there is a little pause before the key starts to repeat itself, but only one state). So maybe it's not even possible to work with Fn this way.

    Another question: when I press power button or fn+f7, no acpi event is generated (but other works fine). Does anybody know why? I'm using ibm-acpi on kernel (Debian/Lenny).


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    I don't think this is possible. I believe the Fn key interacts with hardware only.

    when I press power button or fn+f7, no acpi event is generated
    You could be using the wrong keyboard layout. Sometimes things get a little screwy with laptop keyboards.
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