I have played with linux in the past on towers. But now I'm trying to install Mandrake 10 on my laptop. First off. It's a Sony Vaio C1XF (Japanese) model. A P2 400, 64mb ram, 1024x480 res. etc etc. It has a 12Gb Hard drive in it. Partitioned into 2 separate drives. C: D: Now here's the pain in the ass part. Sony being the geniuses they are won't allow you to use "third party" cd roms to boot from this beast. You must have one of their drives to boot from cd or even to use a cd at the prompt. It works fine in an OS. Anyways. I have a Sony USB Floppy Disk Drive that works for booting things into the prompt. I have copied the mandrake cd from the drive to the first partition and have tried creating the rawrite disk with the hd_grub image for the floppy drive. I can't seem to get it working. I'm probably not doing it correctly but I would like to know step by step how I should go about installing this. Feel free to email me, thesandbox@gmail.com and if you need some more information just ask. Thanks.