I need some help here,

I have the WSXGA+ screen Prefix code HTC which I belive is the Hitachi screen, driven by a GFX go5650 graphics GPU. I cannot seem to get the nvidia drivers loaded. I have installed the 8kstack from linuxant but still no avail, I may need som help cofiguring the display as well

also I use a Dlink DWL G650 Wireless card one of the 108 speed "G" cards, has anyone got one of these to work. I have a Linksys WPC11 Version 1 taht works out of the box with the Orinico driver. the PC has the Intel 2100 Wireless b onboard but It doesny seem to work either

I have found several links on the WUXGA screen and for help with the Go 4200 and GO 5200 GPUs but none of that seems to work

If someone has some experience with this laptop with similar setup or has ideas, any help will be apreciated