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Thread: Gateway ML6720

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    Gateway ML6720

    Hello all. I recently purchased a Gateway ML6720. Its a fairly new model and I have been unable to find much in the way of information on it as it pertains to Linux. I tried the Linux On Laptops page and several Google searches. Anyone out there using one of these fairly successful with Linux?

    When I first got it I tried Ubuntu. It wouldn't even start to load it. Decided to try PC LinuxOS because I had heard good things about it. Trying to partition the drive hosed my vista so I had to reload it. It wasn't a big deal as the machine is brand new however finding some of the gateway drivers is a LOT harder then it needs to be. The live version of PCL07 did load however so I am thinking that might be my best shot. The partitioning problem might just have been a fluke. Any have any adivie?


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    I've never owned a lappy myself, but some owners report having success installing Linux by using acpi=off at initial boot of the installation CD. Maybe some of the others here can provide other things you might want to try.

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    Ubuntu 7.10 runs on the ML6720 great, other than the display and wireless network.

    Wireless obviously has issues, I won't get into that...

    The display is off though. The LCD will display in 1280x800, however the actual desktop runs at 1024x768, leaving a border of wallpaper on the right and bottom of the desktop. You can move non-maximized apps into this border area and they display correctly, it's just the size of the desktop that seems to be the problem.

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    It looks like it has intel's graphics card so... the graphics should work fine on it. I can't find any info on the wireless card though.
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    I also have this laptop, I find it wonderful for the price. I have Suse 10.3 installed and it works great, kinda. No drivers are available yet for the wireless card. But if this helps it is listed as a USB wireless card. Try I have not looked there yet as my hard drive died and needs to be replaced. The video is also sketchy. I will need to research the drivers more but I believe they are out there. Also Ubuntu will not load. But, if it is any consolation, I have an old version and need to get the new one. But Suse is way better. Try it a It is free for the enterprise desktop edition. I have used suse for 5 years and have loved it for stability and compatibility. Suse has always ran like a champ for me. Also go for the 2GB memory upgrade. Cost me about 43.00 for 2 1GB chips.

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    For the wireless driver I went straight to realtek and they sent me an official driver for It.

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