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    F3SA notebook running Linux

    I just got one of these to use with Linux . It's the F3SA-A1 model. Some initial impressions and notables: the screen resolution feels too low for the screen size. The keyboard seems a bit small and the lack of a pointer on the keyboard is annoying. The touchpad is pretty sensitive and easy to accidentally hit while typing, I guess it's a common problem because one of the hotkeys turns it on and off.

    Under Linux I've encountered a few issues so far. The soundcard is detected properly but so far I haven't been able to get it to actually make sound come out. Programs play audio and behave as if they're working normally , but I don't hear anything. I installed Fedora 8 which went smoothly. Then I installed Fedora 7 and ran into some problems - the Fedora 7 install DVD boots fine then it can't use the DVD when it gets to the media selection. I booted off the DVD and then installed over LAN. The AMD driver does not build properly, you need to get some patches to get it to build. Without the AMD graphics driver the video is sluggish - i.e. you get major scrolling lag in Firefox. It's fast running Linux with 1GB but Vista runs extremely slow. One thing about Vista - the CD Asus provides has three inflexible install/recovery options that make it a pain to setup custom partition sizes for dual booting.

    Overall I'd recommend it for Linux. The only big negative for me would be the screen resolution, I'd go with a higher-res F3 model if you can afford it.

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    Hi Luke, thanks for the post!

    I read somewhere that there may be a setting in the BIOS or something that needs to be enabled through Linux itself, I unfortunately don't remember where I read it or which it was.

    I'm with you on having a pointing stick. I actually ordered and received my Asus just the other day, but unfortunately it was essentially DOA. I've returned it for a refund, and I've decided to order the HP 8510p instead. I'll post back in a new thread when I receive the HP, and tell how it's working out.

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