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    Overclocking Ubuntu Laptop

    I have an Acer 5100-5300 Laptop running Ubuntu 7.04 and I was thinking about dabbling in the dark arts of overclocking. If anyone has advice about overclocking with a laptop it would be most appreciated.

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    Overclocking is great fun, it's nice seeing your hardware pushed to the limits. However it is risky if you do it worng. Pushing a system too hard can burn it out prematurely and you may see some system instability, which is a sure sign to back off or take a different approach.

    On the other hand, I see you are using a Laptop. I hate to say it but overclocking a laptop is not a good idea at all. Laptops are designed for specific heat profiles and the additional stress could permanently damage components within your system. I'm sure you will have noticed how how laptops can get these days. There's a saying I've heard many times and while I'm not sure if it's 100% accurate it's certainly worth considering...

    Every 10 degrees celsius you raise your operating temperature halves the life of your components
    Just worth thinking about

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