I was just interested in what you guys think of Toshiba launching this. Maybe it's old news to you guys, but I was curious.

I like the cult aspect of Linux, and that it's like a utopia for computer users. Now I see The Man dipping his fingers in the Linux pot, you know? The free license thing was pure genius; and now the big leaguers can't produce on their own without Linux as a resource.

I bet the first wave of buyers of Qosmio won't even credit Linux for the product's dual-boot nature. It's obvious to me, that Toshiba is majorly profiting from the use of the code. Or am I wrong?

I realize most distributors make a profit of support and what not off of their distros, but, come on. This is different.

How embarrassing for Microsoft, though. Maybe it could have positive consequences for Linux...

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