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    Installation problem on IBM Thinkpad A21p

    Hi, im a linux newbie.

    I have an IBM Thinkpad A21p Type 2629-H2U laptop, i tried installing freespire 2.0.8 but the graphics was all messed up and some error message appeared (i couldn't read it because the graphics was messed up). Then i tried Fedora 7 and when i get to the installation part the graphics was messed up again.

    I also tried installing a very old Red Hat ( i don't know the version, but it was from around 2002) and after i finished the installation, when i reboot, i only get the command line even though i installed GNOME and KDE.

    What i mean by the graphics getting messed up is that the screen looks like its split in three vertical parts and merged, if i place the mouse cursor in certain places, two pointers would appear and other places it disappears. I don't know how else to describe it.

    This is my hardware description ( as far as i know, i may get some things wrong ) :

    CPU Intel Pentium III mobile 850 MHz

    Memory 512 MB (2x256)

    Video ATI Technologies Inc Rage Mobility M3 AGP 2x, TV-Out SVideo,
    TV-in(Phillips SAAxxx)/TV-out, 16 MB RAM

    Harddisk IBM, 30GB 5400 rpm

    CD/DVD 4xCDRW/8xDVD/24xCD, Ultrabay2000

    PCMCIA 2x PCMCIA Slots

    Display 15.1 Inch, 1600x1200 (I'm not sure about the resolution)

    Sound Cyrus Logic Crystal 4614/22/24

    3Com Combo Mini-PCI 3c556B, 10/100MBit LAN and with Modem

    Floppy 3.5 Inch Floppy built in

    IrDA Fast IrDA 4MBit

    Any help would be appreciated, i'm willing to try any Linux distribution (probably free distributions). Thanks.

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    Well I will say its the video card after all, my only recommendation it to try Ubuntu but first go to the link below. Good luck.

    Can't get 6.10 installed on inspiron 4000 [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums

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    Thanks, i dont have ubuntu right now, so i will try as soon as i get it... any other suggestions form anyone??

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    Talking Suggestion

    I'm doing the same thing with a T21and a T22 and the first thing that I suggest is to upgrade your bios and install all the latest drivers from Leveno support. Were using a couple of old machines and they need to be brought up to date. I also have a T30 that I'm using as we type and I have PClinuxOS on it and it just fly's. I'm going to do my updates as soon as I get some floppies later today. I've tried both Linspire and Freespire and both had graphics issues even on my desktop with current hardware . This version of PC is the KDE and I'm dying to try the Gnome version, as well as a lot of other versions. I bought some extra used hard drives and am just having a riot playing around. Almost as much fun as getting drunk, and cheaper! Good Luck, Rog

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