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Thread: Compaq N600c

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    Compaq N600c

    Ok so not another "Which distro on my laptop" thread.

    I have a Compaq N600c
    Pentium III-M 1.06mhz
    256mb ram
    20gb HDD
    Windows 2000pro
    ATI Mobility Radeon (not sure of model or Vram, or if it's onboard or what)

    I was doing a search around the forums and found that some reccomended distros for a system like mine included Xubuntu and Damn Small Linux.

    I have fairly limited linux knowledge, I've used Xandros 3.02oce, Gnoppix (one of the v3 ones) and Knoppix (one of the V4 ones) and Ubuntu 7.04.

    Would Ubuntu 7.04 be a good option for this laptop? (I already have a DVD of this)
    is Xubuntu a good alternative as far as hardware recognition and functionality go?
    Is Damn Small Linux to "simple" for home computing, or is it a quick, efficient alternative which I should consider?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    I did forget to say that I tried booting it with the Ubuntu 7.04 live install DVD, which took 5-10mins to boot into the OS, I'm assuming that once installed on the HDD it'd take around the same length of time?

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    The reason why Ubuntu took so long to boot the live cd is because of the ram. Typically Ubuntu requires a minimum of 384MB of ram to run the live cd and install from there. It won't take as long to boot once its installed to hdd.

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    Hmmm, ok. I think I'll give it a go tomorrow with ubuntu and see how it runs once installed.

    Would I have much of a problem with trying to run applications in Ubuntu with these limited resources?

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    You could experience a bit of sluggishness when running memory intensive applications.

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