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    Linux on Fujitsu 655Tx

    Hi, i was wondering if there's a way to install a linux distro without having to burn the cd's. i ahve a fujitsu 655Tx, it's a very old really thin laptop, with a docking station, that ahs a floppy drive and a cd drive. however, the cd drive can only read some old cd's for some reaosn. its not able to read any burned cd's, and can only read the originals. i found an old cd with redhat 6 on it, but it turned out it was a bit scratched, so i can't use it. if i ahd any original redhat cd's, it'd prollyn work. anyways, iw as wondering if i could use floppies to isntalll a linux distro, possibly redhat(suicide, i know). Thanks

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    you can install over the network if you have another linux computer. you can also install from usb drives

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    there is no usb on the computer, and only a built-in modem. it ahs 2 pcmcia ports, though, and i ahve a pcmcia ethernet card. how would i get it working

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    there are various floppy disk linuxes, those will be your best bet at this point.

    Linux Links - The Linux Portal: Distributions/Floppy

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    i already thought about the floppy distros, but all of them are way too basic. if there was redhat 6 or newer on flopies, i'd loooove it

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