I am purchasing an Asus eepc, probably the 4G. I am interested in setting up a linux system that will minimize writes to the ssd, have just the necessary dependencies installed, and hopefully no cruft like unneeded drivers, daemons, etc. In the end I want X, and maybe a minimal wm or two such as wmii and maybe twm. I need firefox, though I can live without flash, video, sound, etc.

I have an external drive to compile on if necessary. I am an ubuntu user and don't know other distros except I have used gentoo before. I was thinking gentoo might be easiest to use to get size-optimised binaries.

Are there other source tools I should look at to get size-optimised binaries? Or should I care about that? LFS might be a little above my head at this point, considering I need X, wireless, etc... Are there any good links on what is safe to pare out of the system (eg. drivers) ?

Thanks in advance