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    Pre-installed Linux vendors

    I am considering buying a laptop with linux already installed (probably ubuntu, maybe suse, something easi(er)).

    Anyway, there are a plethora of resellers that will do this work, but getting reviews on these sites or getting the right specs on the computers is pretty hard. I have called a few places, and when the questions I ask get too complicated/technical the sales reps flake out. For example, one sales rep didnt even know if the computer he was trying to sell me had a sound card.

    Does anyone know of any killer sites that review these 3rd party dealers? I have checked out the stuff on LXer pretty thoroughly. A few of the sites had all the expertise and specs I could want (like ouch! to the price)

    if it would help, here is what i am looking for:

    T9300, 4 GB ram, smaller (15 in or less), discrete graphics (nvidia), good sound card. I can find all these features on Windows laptops, but not on any of the pre-installed linux sites



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    BTW: Calling me a wuss for not doing it myself is an acceptable answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bowlitj View Post
    BTW: Calling me a wuss for not doing it myself is an acceptable answer.
    Lol... If I were you, I'd cut through all the crap and get a Dell with Ubuntu.

    Dell PCs Featuring Ubuntu

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    This is not an answer but rather another question along the same lines:

    I found at a laptop starting at $599 with 64-bit Linux and an AMD processor.

    Does anyone know anything about this company's laptops? The company seems to be also in the business of doing Linux training and service.


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    Acer Aspire 4520G is the epitome of a good linux laptop. Nice support if you install some drivers. It runs nearly anything linux related. Its dirt cheap, and is one of the cheapest mainstream laptops. It has nVidia 8400m GS graphics and Turion X2 1.86 GHz cpu. Also has 1gig of dual channel ram. Problem is that its not in your range. I think its too low for you. Maybe adding ram can help.
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