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    Ancient Thinkpad 2611

    So my stepdad has this ancient thinkpad. Model 2611, Pentium (1 I believe) 264 MHz, 32MB RAM, ~4GB HDD.

    My first question is, is it worth it to get it working well (2x128MB ram for ~30, plus around 100 for a decent battery and maybe a larger HD)? The keyboard is also quirky (right and down keys don't work so I will probably have to replace the keyboard if I can find one).

    Second question, should I go with a stripped down install of a more major distro, or a lightweight one?

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    I think it is better if you a buy a new one(you could a find a decent one in ebay for $250 ).You could stick with the old one but you might have compability problems(for example your computer may not support that much ram or it may not support a hard drive with a large capacity)

    For a distro a i would go with something like a striped down version of slackware(with fluxbox as my window manager)or you can try Deli linux(its a distro designed for old computers).I would not recommend a distro such as ubuntu because you would need a bigger drive

    good luck

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