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    suggest distro for older laptop?

    so i have an ibm x30 laptop; 512mb of ram; pentium III-m 1.2ghz cpu. i'm using xubuntu but would like to have something faster; however, i'm totally new to linux, and i want a distro as simple and easy to use as possible

    is there anything that will be faster than xubuntu (mostly it's the cpu that's being maxed, not my ram), but just as easy to use?

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    Hi uzibear.... "simple and easy to use as possible" kind of negates looking at another distro as the *buntus are about as easy as Linux gets right now. If it's cpu that's the problem you might consider just shutting off some processes you don't need. Have you looked at services and daemons running and shutting some of those off? Also, you can look at what's running using the top command. I like htop better. Get it with:
    sudo apt-get install htop
    Start it with:
    sudo htop
    Open htop and look at what's heavy on cpu and see if perhaps you can do without it. You might not be able to, but in your situation, wanting easy to use and easy on resources both, I think you should stick with Xubuntu. If on the other hand, you think you might want to experiment with other distros, a few come to mind. Slax, Puppy, DSL and DeLI Linux. There are others...
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    The best chance you got is to keep Xubuntu, learn it well, inside out, then switch to something like Arch.

    Otherwise, I think Zenwalk or Vector Linux might impress you.
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