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    Lightbulb 100 MHz or 200 MHz laptop as a Linux router?

    I have a few old systems that I think would make nice routers. Unfortunately, the specs aren't very impressive. I'm basically looking for a dial-up router, with the following features:
    • Firewall (iptables?)
    • Multiple computers connected to dialup (IP Masquerade?)
    • Interface to turn the connection on and off (like via SSH)

    • Automatically turn connection off after inactive for a while.
    • Web or GUI interface to manage this connection. I was thinking lighttpd with PHP -- any suggestions?
    • Proxy-caching server (like Squid) for a little more speed

    Here are the systems:
    Digital HiNote VP laptop
    • 100 MHz Intel Pentium processor
    • 24 MB RAM
    • .7 GB hard drive

    Compaq Armada laptop
    • 200 MHz Intel Pentium processor
    • More than 24 MB RAM
    • 6 GB hard drive

    Compaq Presario desktop tower
    • 600 MHz Intel Pentium III processor
    • 128-192 MB RAM
    • 9 GB hard drive

    Dell OptiPlex desktop tower
    • 800 MHz Intel Pentium III processor
    • 128 MB RAM
    • 6 GB hard drive (I think)

    The modem is a 3Com Courier external modem, which worked very well with my (deceased) Fedora Core II server. I also have a PCMCIA network card for each laptop.

    What Linux distribution and software would be best for each? Damn Small Linux, maybe? I'm fine with something that's all command-line, no GUI whatsoever. I would prefer to use the laptops, because they save space. If I go with one of the towers, I would like a GUI like GNOME or KDE.

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    Use Debian Stable.

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