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    Acer Aspire One (Also heading for the bin)

    I arrive here due to a thread below about a very similar issue.

    Basically my AA1 has developed a number of problems, I suspect due to the power being 'forcefully turned off' rather than the machine being shut down.

    (No internet connection, Internal Error: Failed to initialise HAL, webcam not working, can't tell if its running from the battery or power etc!)

    So... I thought I'd create a USB bootable recovery disk, using the DVD Acer provides, I did this with my XP machine, all seemed to work fine.

    I created the usb bootable disk on a 2gb sony memory stick pro, attached to the AA1 via a card reader, on boot I hit F12, and chose the memory stick to boot from, looking good.... then I received this message:

    This was basically my last chance to try and recover the laptop after trying various things to get the various problems to solve themselves, all to no avail... hopefully someone can help, or I foresee some frustrating phone calls to Acer / PC World

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    i have the same problem as you. when i boot my one on external dvd, then choose the installation, then it's stuck in same screen as you.
    but, when i try to boot the recovery dvd on my vmware, it's run normally

    maybe i'll try to make usb recovery disk on my vmware, then booting with the usb stick on my one, hope this will work.

    i'll write again later.

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    Check your "System Information" (if you can) and post the BIOS version (it should be 0.3114) and the Operating System version (mine is 1.0.7.E -- I expect that the "E" is for English, but I might be wrong about that).

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    i have AAO110 bios version 0.3109 SSD P-1800, i didn't check the linpus version, because of on the first day my one arrive, i install winxp on it. but after using xp a while, there's one problem bothering me. after i turn on the one for about one hour (battery still 50%) then the screen goes blank, the one still on though. i push every button and combination on the one and no luck bring the screen back to life, the only solution is press the power button also I've check the power management setting and found no clue. i want to try linpus to check is this problem still occurred on linpus. if yes then i can return my one to the store.

    anyone can help me?


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    I think I read somewhere that 0.3114 was the first BIOS that was clean for XP. So that was a mistake. You definitely need to upgrade your BIOS. Actually, the only reason I came back to this Forum was because I just found that a new BIOS was released yesterday. It is available through Acer's usual Support website. Just follows the web pages to their download site. It is v. 0.3304. If you want to play it a bit safer, you can look for v. 0.3114, assuming it is still available. I was not paying that much attention. I have not tried the new BIOS myself yet, so I cannot comment more than that. Best of luck.

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