Hello everybody,

I'm a little stumped and hoped someone here would be able to help me out.

Last week, my girlfriend bought a Acer Aspire One, she wanted a netbook and at this price, it seemed ideal.

I'm what you might call 'okay with computers' and have never really had any trouble, until I met Mr Linux. I'd often given thought to moving over to Linux myself, so trying to install things on this is giving me good practice..
...and also a few headaches.

I think i've installed VLC and mplayer okay, problem being, videos embedded on websites (like demandfive) don't seem to play.

I see that I can get a mplayer plugin for Firefox, but all the instructions i've read so far have gone straight over my head.

So, could someone provide step by step instructions for a Linux virgin/idiot on how to get wmv files and everything else to play inside Firefox?

Computer: Acer Aspire One
OS: Linux Linpus Lite
Browser: Firefox (does this need upgrading for the plugin? If so, i'd need help with that too)