I have been using ubuntu 8.04 64bit for the last 3 months.
I have found it to be a really GOOD distro,
but the problem I have is that it seems that it
has bug in feature controlling my laptop fan (the laptop temperatures usually remain > 50C the temps are not that high while using windows xp).
I tried a lot and at last gave up.

I want to ask if you know of a fairly bugless , easy enough (but I never had any trouble installing tarred files ..... just to give you an idea) and supporting my hardware and yes .... gnome please .I am even ready to use 32 bit version os.
I would get ubuntu 32 bit if you can assure me that I can control my fan by configuring it .
Mine is an acer 5920
2gb RAM , 1.83 Ghz , mobile intel 965 express chipset family.