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    Which Netbook Linux Distribution should I use?

    I just purchased a new netbook and instead of using a regular Linux distribution such as in the past I'm thinking of using one of the netbook versions.
    In the past I've used OpenSUSE and Mandriva on netbooks and Ubuntu on a desktop.
    If I'm correct Acer comes with Linpus but is that available for purchase without purchasing a netbook?
    Also, what about the custom Xandros distribution on the ASUS eeePC. Is that available separately?

    The two choices I really know of that I could likely install on my own are Ubuntu Netbook Remix and Mandriva Mini. Does one of these stand out as the best? Is there another one out there that I don't know about?

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    Surely you should be using the distribution that came with the netbook. If you didn't get a distribution because you bought your netbook with a commercial operating system, then pick your favourite distribution and use that.

    The netbook-centric distributions are set up for their particular netbook hardware. If you don't have that hardware, its hard to fake it.
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    If you want to get one specifically for netbooks you might have a look at the Netbook Remix on

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