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    Exclamation aspire one...linpus linux lite?

    so...i have no ideas as to what i can or can't do with, add to or use as peripheral hardware/software...e.g.-do i need an anitvirus program to protect my surfing? what do i use? where do i find it? that-i know NOTHING about this os or this netbook...please...anything that is shared and accurate is greatly appreciated! ito...

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    You don't really need an antivirus in Linux. Programs you install come from trusted sources, called "repositories", so those repositories must be hacked first for you to have any real danger. Manchunian tried to install a virus on purpose, but he failed

    For Usb drives and sticks, just plug them in and you can access their contents from the "files" category at the bottom right.

    To install programs, the steps are the following:
    1. press alt+f2 or go to Files->My Documents to open the File Manager and then go to File->Terminal.
    2. In the terminal type: xfce-setting-show
    3. Click Desktop, then go to Behaviour tab
    4. Enable "Show desktop menu on right click"
    5. Right clicking on the desktop will now give you more options.
    6. Click System-> Add/Remove Software
    7. Give your password

    You will see the available software and can choose to install anything that is on that list.
    You must be connected to the Internet, so it can download the programs and install them for you.
    From this program you can also update ALL your programs at once.

    You can also see a video of the above instructions here.

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    thanks L4L...

    o.k., I had read similar instructions at another site but they weren't as complete nor did they include an instructional vid.! u r a great reource! couple of more questions if you DON'T mind. so i SHOULDN'T worry about ANY site I visit infecting my lil puter with malware? and if I should, where would I find it? you have an aspire one...?

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    As long as you install things only from add/remove programs you are safe enough. You should watch out for suspicious sites telling you that you are infected and must download their program or do a free scan, because those are scam sites. You should also be aware where you enter your password(It hasn't happened to me, but I guess that a malicious site could try to run a script on your pc. To achieve anything though, it needs your password)
    I tried those instructions on a friend's aspire one. I'll buy one myself in the near future. I currently have an eeePc 701.

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    Thanks Again...

    works far. am having stability issues w/mozilla re: bookmarks but am sure it has an easy fix...if I CAN'T find I may be mailing you! I read several different threads re: needing vs. NOT needing AV in linux and have deided to go with soon as I can get one to download properly I will install it. One drawback seems to be how much it slows this tiny system down...we'll see. Thanks again, you've been a big I need to learn about tweaking my system to suit my own needs. Shelito-btw-my dad died of cancer-so I will check your link out-I owe you both that much at least!

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    Linux lite

    I would like to know whether wall paper setting is possible in linux lite.

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    add and remove option

    With reference to the above posts, I found the add and remove option when I clicked on system, got that far... then in haste to rectify another problem I removed something connected with yum in error and now have no 'add and remove' option when click on system so have lost a valuable utility.
    Been trying for days to get some info, any idea how I can get this software and full option back again?.. on Acer aspire one (Linpus lite) Very much a new linux user

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