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    Unhappy Help Needed Plz !!!!

    Hello people
    I am a noob when it comes to linux. I recently installed kubuntu on my dell laptop.
    I was able to do it succesfully. I didnt have any problems untill today. I went into the display settings and changed something ( i am not sure exactly what i did .
    After that, my desktop is blank. All i can see is my mouse cursor. I cant see anything else. Its like a black screen with a mouse cursor on it. I can move the mouse cursor and all. Everything else is perfect.I mean, i can press ctrl+alt+ Del and log out or shut down( well i cant see the menu but i kinda have an idea where the logout and shutdown buttons are on the menu)
    Everything else seems to be working . I mean, i know that when i go to the bottom left and click, a menu is coming up and all ( as the cursor then changes) its just that i cant see it happening. THere is no problem when i boot the system. THe desktop is perfect even at the username and password enter screen. Its after i log in that the desktop goes black. I am wondering is there anyway i can go back to my previous settings. At the moment i cant see anything on the screen. Like i said, i am a noob in linux. So any help would be greatly
    appreciated !!

    Thanks a million in advance

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    Did you install proprietary drivers for your graphics card? what kind of graphics do you have?.
    I don't have Kubuntu, but I do have Mandriva 2009 which has KDE4, and I had this happen a couple times also, pretty sure it was in Mandriva (got many distros).
    But haven't seen it in a while,
    I'm thinking it subsided after installing Nvidia drivers/module from Nvidia website, now things are not so bad, after booting up, if I click on the menu to quickly the desktop goes white instead of black. Of course, I can't see the white cursor when it does this, but only lasts about ten seconds and the desktop comes back with an error, "plasma space crashed, send a bug report to KDE to help them get it together or something".
    In Kubuntu, you can install some proprietary drivers from the package manager if I remember correctly, non-free drivers or similar, which many Ubuntu-Kubuntu users recommend.

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    Press Alt+Ctrl+F1. Does it drop you at command line login prompt?
    If yes then login there and execute this
    sudo lspci | grep -i vga
    grep -i driver /etc/X11/xorg.conf
    Post output here.
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    Hello All
    I solved the problem the other day.
    All i did was go into the command prompt and type in what you said. Thanks for your help.
    I wont be going into my drsktop settings anytime soon. !!!
    Thank you all and have a nice new year

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