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    ITunes alternative for acer aspire one?

    HI, i've just got the acer aspire one for christmas and am finding it really difficult to get an alternative of itunes to work.
    For a start, many of the programs that have been suggested do not work on the Linpus Linux distribution, such as GTKPod and Banshee.
    I also have absolutely no clue what people are talking about when they say WINE and Gnome.

    When i try to download things it brings up Xarchiver to do this, when it has finished it shows me the files but doesnt know which program to open it on.

    I really would like an itunes alternative just to sync my ipod and put on songs. Is there also an alternative to: MSN, Limewire?

    And can you buy external ports in which to load CD's?

    I am really struggling with my new linux and have been trying so hard not to give up, but nothing i do works.

    Please help!!

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    The Aspire One is a netbook running Linux. However Linpus Linux is setup in a way that keeps the average user from changing how it runs. This includes most major features you would expect a computer to do. Simply, if you want to install any other programs then the ones already on your netbook then you must install a different distribution of Linux. In your case I would suggest Ubuntu LInux. It is the most user-friendly, fully featured distro of Linux. To do this you will need a CD or DVD drive, which you were asking about. You will need to go buy an USB CD/DVD drive which you can just plug in to your computer.

    And to answer about WINE and Gnome...
    WINE is a Windows emulator. It allows you to run programs on Linux that you would normally only run on a Windows computer.
    Gnome is a desktop for Linux (aka a Graphical User Interface). It's what you see when you log on to your computer. It is the main GUI for Ubuntu and Fedora distros.

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