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    Have just aquired a Acer Aspire 1 and am unfamiliar with Linux. Can anyone advise me as to a good source of info where I can learn how to drive it, like how to download a program and simple things like that as it does not come with any instructions.

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    Follow the next simple steps to add programs to Acer Aspire One:

    1. press alt+f2 or go to Files->My Documents to open the File Manager and then go to File->Terminal.
    2. In the terminal type: xfce-setting-show
    3. Click Desktop, then go to Behaviour tab
    4. Enable "Show desktop menu on right click"
    5. Right clicking on the desktop will now give you more options.
    6. Click System-> Add/Remove Software
    7. Give your password

    You will see the available software and can choose to install anything that is on that list. You must be connected to the Internet, so it can download the programs and install them for you.
    A youtube video with the same instructions:
    YouTube - Enable Desktop Menu On Aspire One

    If it asks for root password you can set it the following way:
    Go to Files->My Documents to open the File Manager and then go to File->Terminal.

    To change root password, first you must become root:
    sudo su
    and change the password with the command:
    When you type this command nothing will appear as you type your password. No ******* and the cursor won't move either.

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