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    Glad you got it working.

    Just for my own interest, can you let us know what you had to do to get it working? (I own an Apsire One as well, and it might be useful for me to know how to do that.)
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    Well after rebooting this morning it does work.

    I have them Fuse and 3-g installed.

    All i did was the second command, NTFS-Config i think it was in your last post, and allowed write-access.

    Id reccommend having a drive pulled out though, as when i did it, something about HAL (if i remember correct, i was tired) had stopped working.. bearing in mind i did have my usb drive in when i altered this command.

    I did try using the first command you said, i found out my usb drive was sdb. After a few attempts and even a "-o force" attempt nothing seemed to happen.

    But then i unplugged and plugged back in my drive and it works :S.

    Not the best guide i wrote, but i do think you have to use both the commands you stated for it.

    Thanks alot anyway smolloy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smolloy View Post
    OK, I did a bit of hunting around (Google is your friend) and found out that installing ntfs-3g used to be enough to get those little Acer's to read/write NTFS partitions, but an update managed to break that capability (it gave everyone the chance to read NTFS, but broke writing).

    You can do it manually with the following command,
    sudo ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /mnt/ntfs
    Of course, before you can do this, you need to know the device name ("sdb1" in my example), and you need to make the mount point ("/mnt/ntfs" in my example).
    Thank you smolloy, after I had made the ntfs dir in mnt the command
    "ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /mnt/ntfs" worked naturally.

    Now I'm trying to find the way for internet sharing from my pda to my linpus linux aa1

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