Greetings Kind Folks!

I am mew in here, the need drove me in. I am having exactly the same problem as "chaoschris" below, his thread seems to had a sudden end. The Linspire program is stuck in ...mode 0664 the blinker goes on, seems like the program is working...?



I am new to linux

I have a computer with linspire on it
I used it two or three times

as i tried to start it yesterday, right after the bios checkup, it said it had not been switched of like it should have been

so there is a multiple choice
when i then choose start linspire, it starts to load, and then, insted of the user login scree, there is a screen with a blue background, with a lot of text reminding me of win dos.

what command do i need to give so that i get back the normal graphical version of linspire ?



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Posts: 3 i just tried to log in under a user without password
then i tried 'startx'

'cannot open log file '/var/log/Xorg.O.log''