Hi Guys,

I'm hoping someone can help me with this ? I have an acer one which operates linux lite. Newbie to Linux and been really happy with it so far...But this morning something went wrong with the file storage. The icons under 'files' from the desk top don't work. If I click on 'my files' this seems to work, but shows no files apart from a pictures folder, which is empty. All my documents (including my pictures) seem to have gone.

I know that some of my files are still there becasue they can be accessed by opening in a programme, like the presentations program, but not all of them can be accessed in this way. Also, if I click on 'disk' here to get a fuller picture of what is there, it shows nothing but the empty pictures folder and I can't get back to the list.

Any ideas on what might have caused this ? and how to fix it ??

Any advice very much appreciated !