Sorry if a similar question was already posted, I did not managed to find it.

Three different netbooks (Eee PC 900, Acer Aspire One, Samsung NC10), many Linux distributions - all at the last stable version (Easy Peasy, Ubuntu, Mandriva One, Fedora, OpenSuSe) same problem: All recognize (and seem also to put to work the Atheros wireless adapter, but strangely the closest Wireless Network is mostly not displayed. The adapter function properly, I can se the WLAN of my neighbours. Under Windows there not problems. The WLAN HAS a SSID and uses WPA2 as security method (some of the seen WLAN in the neighbourhood also). I try to add manually the connection entering SSID and password but it does not look that at least a connection attempt is ever made. No error messages are displayed (well maybe a logfile somewhere, but I do not know what to search for). If I connect with cable to the router, then I can connect to it wireless, but the next time I need to repeat the "connect cable first" procedure. Where could be the problem?