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    Well, my install went smoother than I could have ever hoped.

    However, it doesn't want to run Celtx. Dependency problem after dependency problem. I hunt down one thing, then it tells me I need something else.

    Since celtx is based off firefox, is there a light distro capable of running firefox 3?
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    is there a light distro capable of running firefox 3?
    Slitaz LiveCD - Cooking version

    SliTaz - Downloads

    It comes with

    Version : 3.0.4
    Short desc : User friendly, secure and fast web browser.
    Full list of what it comes with is here

    SliTaz Packages - index

    Home page documentation is here

    SliTaz - English documentation
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    Slita looked really good, but I wasn't able to boot from it. Must have been too heavy.

    I was able to get an older version of Celtx working on a Pupply livecd (4.1.1 retro)

    I'm trying to install it now, but it's taking forever. I figure I'll let it do it's thing for a while before I get worried.
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    My puppy install was a success! And I have Celtx 0.9 running on it. I'm about as happy as one can be over a decade-old laptop. AND I still have about 8gb of hard drive space, and about 33% free RAM (off 64mb).

    Hopefully the network card won't give me much trouble. But Puppy seems to pretty good about them from what I've been reading.

    Oh yeah, the Inkscape Lite that comes with it is adorable.
    She sells C Shells by the sea shore.

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