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    It looks like the recovery DVD isn't available throught that site anymore. I read through the other site linked to in that article, and found a link to a recovery file:

    I don't know if this is what you need, I can't take the blame if it isn't.

    Here's the site where I got that link from. It may have some info on what to do with it.

    macles*: Acer Aspire One Recovery DVD
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    Curiosity got the best of me, so I downloaded the AAO_v1-0-15E.iso file and burned it to a disk. I booted into it, and it is indeed an Acer Aspire One install or recovery disk. There is the option to make a recovery USB drive, to use on the AAO.
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    Kinda off topic, but I made a bootable USB Easy Peasy Live using Unetbootin. Wife liked it so much I carved up Windows XP Home and now it's a dual booter. Easy Peasy connected up wireless with 1 click in Network manager. Downloading 180 updates as I post this. Forgot to mention she owns a Acer Aspire one.
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    Hey guys,
    Thanks for all the help! I am downloading that recovery file now. Going to see what happens. Btw, I did download EasyPeasy and actually got the wireless going. That was my biggest thing. The only problem is that i can't get the webcam to work with it. But i actually like the layout of EasyPeasy. Its been a really long time since i've used linux and I am definitely wanting to get back on it. I bought the Acer One to use it while on the road. One thing i wish i could do is upgrade to a bigger HDD. like a 120gig or something. Not sure if that is possible since this one is a 8gig SSD. I'm definitely going to set up a desktop and learn more on linux. As i might be replacing Windows with it!


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    You may be able to upgrade to a bigger SSD HD, but 64GB is the biggest. I just bought a new SSD for my Eee PC 900. It originally had a 4GB SSD. I got this one for it: - SUPER TALENT FPM64GRSE 64GB Mini PCIe MLC Internal Solid state disk (SSD) - Solid State Disks

    As you can see, it ain't cheap. And that one may not be compatible with the Acer Aspire One. I haven't installed an OS on it yet. I may wait for Fedora 11 to be released.
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