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    Linux powered netbook with MS Office?

    Hi everyone,

    I've come to enjoy the Linux operating system and its philosophy. I am also thinking about purchasing a netbook due to its high portability, minimalist approach, and affordable price. However, I am uncertain as to the feasibility of having access to MS Office apps (primarily PowerPoint) on a Linux powered netbook. I need the Office apps for my work.

    Can anyone recommend any products/solutions for running MS Office on a Linux netbook before I take the plunge and buy one? I am familiar with Wine on desktops but I don't know if something similar exists for netbooks. Are there known issues with having WinXP (or WIn7) and Linux installed on the same netbook harddrive?

    One last question for netbook users. Do Linux powered netbooks often have difficulties with projectors? I give presentations often and do not have time to troubleshoot problems between computer and projector, so this is important as well.

    Thanks for all of the help.

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    I was looking through a list of Linux equivalents to your MS programs, and you might want to look into either OppenOffice Impress or Kpresenter for your PowerPoint.

    As far as having Linux and Windows on the same drive, no problems there. As long as drives space is available, you're just talking about a dual-boot system.

    As far as the projector goes, I've not used one. Try to do a little research on hardware compatability for yours first. Maybe somebody else will pop in with more info on that.

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    Target stores are selling the 10" Eee PC 1000HD, and at a nice price of $320. It comes with WinXP installed. It has a 160GB drive, so installing Linux on it should be no problem.

    ASUS 10" Eee PC 160GB Notebook Computer with Windows XP Home - Black (1000HD) : Target

    Last year I bought the 900 for $300. It has a 4GB SSD 512MB RAM and Xandros. I wish that I would have waited for this one. It is available at your local store, so if you don't like it you could possibly return it (check before you buy). Adding Linux may make it unreturnable.
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    Thanks, I'll definitely look into this model. My main worry was that netbooks might struggle (for whatever reason) with dual-booting. If this isn't anymore a problem than it might be for a regular PC, then it looks like I have my solution.
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    I'm using open office/star office on my eee pc and I'm quite happy with it (well, then again, I don't use it for any complicated things, so that's not necessary relevant)

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    Some versions of MS Office will run ok with Wine. They definitely work if you run Windows itself in a virtual machine. I do that when necessary. Although OpenOffice Presentation will handle most PowerPoint files, ones that require active-x controls will not work, so there are times when you really need PPt. Personally, I try not to use it any more than absolutely necessary.
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    IF it has 2gb ram or more. Install a virtualbox session of windows XP sp2, do not update it and it will be fast. Just don't surf in it. run office with it and any other windows stuff you want. Stick with office 2003 cause the 07 version and up has teh 3d stuff that is really slow. At least it is another option.

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    Do you _really_ need MS Office? or you just want an office application so that your professional work is not hampered. I use OpenOffice 3 and it even reads MS Office 2007 format. Not having any problem.

    But again, as Jollie mentioned, I'm not too much into Excel, PowerPoint things. So, can't really compare Calc vs Excel and Impress vs Powerpoint. Why not give it a try and see for yourself?
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