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Thread: Easy Peasy 1.1

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    Easy Peasy 1.1

    I have acer aspire a110 with linpus linux lite. Does anyone try the easy peasy 1.1? Are there any problems? I try tinyXP but the fan all the time make noise. In linpus i dont hear it. sorry for the bad english

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    I installed Easy Peasy 1.1 using Unetbootin on my Wifes Acer Aspire one as a dual boot with Windows XP because my Wife is a Die Hard Windows user. I had no problems with install. Wireless worked out the box. I haven't delved much into it because she said she wanted to learn on her own so I just set up Email, Installed a few packages, set up Songbird, and Tricked out Firefox for her. I'm waiting on a Asus EEE 900 I just bought that is probably coming with Xandros on it. I might use my Easy Peasy USB to run it live on it to see how it works on it. Best way for you to find out is to make a Live USB with Unetbootin and test drive Easy Peasy 1.1 to decide for yourself. Good Luck

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    I know how to make a bootable usb to install easy peasy. but how can i make a live usb? thanks for the answer

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    Easy Peasy 1.1 comes as a Live Distro. You have a choice of running it Live or Installing. Just don't install it and it will run Live off the USB. Nothing to it.

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    Just a quick hint. When you wish to connect wireless, just click on the Network Manager icon on top r/h of screen and check on the box enable wireless.

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    i try today the live usb and if all gonna well i install it tomorrow

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    i install easy peasy 1.1 in acer aspire one 110 yesterday. I have no problem. everything are perfect. but not its little slower than linpus linux lite.

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    Easy Peasy 1.1 is based on Ubuntu 8.10. The next version will be based on 9.04 which is faster. Also the nice netbook GUI of Easy Peasy takes some system resources.

    Linpus Lite is a crippled OS(gave me dependency hell when I tried to install anything...) that made Linux look bad. If Aspire One was sold with Easy Peasy, the return rates would be significantly lower.

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    L4Linux. you have easy peasy. right? i have a problem. i try to copy paste a skin for amsn but says " permission denied". How can i change to root so i have permission to do this?

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    Open Applications-> Terminal and type
    sudo cp skinname /targetdirectory
    Or if it sounds terribly geeky to you, type:
    sudo nautilus
    The first command will give root privileges to the cp (copy) command, while the second will open a file manager window with root privileges, so you will be allowed to copy anything you want, everywhere. Opening the file manager with root privileges should be used with care and closed after you have copied what you wanted.

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