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    Can't choose boot with USB Keyboard

    I had a problem, my Laptop's keyboard is *dead*, it can't be used.
    I never repair it, because I'm choosing using USB Keyboard to replace the *dead* one.

    I've just installed Puppy Linux in my laptop.
    My laptop is dual booted with Windows XP.
    With GRUB.

    I wanted to choose any OS I'd like to use with Boot manager.


    The GRUB's boot menu can't be chose with USB Keyboad.

    If you guys telling me to active Legacy USB at BIOS, please forget it, I even can't get into BIOS Menu, since my laptop's keyboard is *dead*.

    If you guys telling me to replace the *dead kyboard with a new laptop keyboard, forget it too.
    I've bought new laptop keyboard and it still doesn't work.
    I think the motherboard / keyboard slot is in problem...

    back to topic.

    I've searching with google, what boot manager that support USB Keyboard even with BIOS that doesn't support USB port (no legacy USB).
    And it ended with PLOP Bootmanager.

    PLOP support USB Keyboard on "non USB support" BIOS machine.

    I've downloaded it, and set it up with Hard Disk Installation using GRUB as it's instruction in it's website.

    Unfortunately, the Installation step wasn't recognize my USB Keyboard.
    So, it's useless.


    My question is.
    Are there any Linux Boot Manager, that can be installed in Linux environment, and the boot menu can be choose using USB keyboard ?

    If aren't any, do you know any solution to solving my problem ?
    So I can choosing Windows XP or Linux using USB keyboard at Boot Manager.


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    About the only thing I can think of suggesting is using Super Grub Disk Homepage
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    You will have to use Supergrubdisk as your bootloader. In other words you will use the cd,floppy,usb flash,floppy depending on what you install the iso to.Every time you need to boot up. Like a set of crutches to assist in walking. Never had your kind of problem so it is the best that I can suggest. Good Luck

    I don't know if even Smart Boot Manager will be of any use but I'll put it here to.
    I refuse to let fear and fear of others rule my life. It puts my humanity at risk.
    Accepting Death is the only way to stay alive.

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    Can you borrow a ps2 keyboard to try that? I know I have ps2 connections on my laptop.
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