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    Quote Originally Posted by penguin2 View Post
    This thread was currently specific to my Intel WiFi card,,,,
    It is? You only mentioned it in your first post as an afterthough. Mostly you talked about how to partition for multiple operating systems, just like your other thread. That is why I closed it and put a link in it to this thread.

    If you really want help with your wireless card, read the post linked to below, and then start a new thread in the wireless section for it.

    Wireless Setup - Start Here

    You have actually have enough info to install, just from the two threads. Start installing operating systems, and GRUB will install itself. It will find the other Windows and Linux OS's, and ask if you want to add them to GRUB. It wont know the names of the other OS's, you will have to provide that.

    How many extra partitions you want is up to you. The more non OS partitions that you have, the less room you have to install different distros. I understand why you want a /data partition, but you don't really have extra room. Making a /home partition is a compromise, and it will always be there when you change distros. JUST DON'T REFORMAT IT!

    Edit: There is one thing that you may want to do before installing Linux. Grub will take over booting for the entire hard drive. If you remove Linux, you won't be able to boot windows. I have found that if you make a boot floppy for Windows, you can always use that to boot Windows.

    How to create a bootable floppy disk for an NTFS or FAT partition in Windows XP
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