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Thread: wine for linux

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    wine for linux

    i have just bought a Asus Eee PC series notebook from a friend. i think the operating system is linux.

    i am completely new to linux and dont know anything about it really. i have read elsewhere on the internet that its possible to install itunes on linux using 'wine'. unfortunately everything i read after this was completely over my head. for instance, some threads mention using 'ubuntu' etc, and as i have never used linux before i have no idea what this means.

    could anyone offer any help or advice - i have visited the wine website, but you seem to have to specify ubuntu or others for the download.

    when i select 'system info' in the settings on the notebook it says:

    bios version: 0910
    bios date: 03/03/2008
    software version: Eee PC
    build info: 2008-03-04 17:42
    CPU type: intel (R) Mobile processor
    memory size: 512MB
    motherboard version: x.xx

    i cant seem to find any more info or specs, although i guess this is due to me not being familiar with linux.

    the bottom of the notebook says asus Eee PC 4G.

    basically, im completely new to this and would be grateful if anyone can give me some pointers or advice on how to get to grips with the system, and hopefully somehow manage to install itunes if possible. (i dont need it to sync with my ipod, just play songs really - i know there are other music software packages i could use but i was hoping to connect to my admin itunes library on my PC wirelessly rather than upload any songs onto the notebook).

    hope ive managed to make some sense.


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    You are probably running Xandros Linux. Could be Linspire also. Hit the CTL+ALT+t and open a Terminal.

    Type in and then hit enter

    cat /etc/issue
    And copy and paste readout in next post.

    Also copy and paste readout of

    cat /proc/version

    dmesg | head -1
    also. it will give you a idea what you are running. If it says Debian anywhere in the readouts it will be Xandros. If it says Debian 4 anywhere that means it is Xandros based on Debian Etch. hope that helps ya.

    To get a handle on your Netbook. Join the EEE PC forums. It should be bookmarked already in your firefox browser.

    Go to the Wiki In EEE PC Forums and all the tweaks and how tos are there.

    EeeUser Forum

    Wine on the Eee [EeeUser Eee PC Wiki]
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