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    Of course, they are painless installs, they work flawlessly - after all, they're built on Debian. I was just trying to say that all the codecs and all the little extras and minute details have gotten some attention as well in Mint - I wasn't referring to install, as it's similar. Mint just sort of finished the job - or rather, took it just a little bit further, which is especially appreciated by newbies who would otherwise feel ovewhelmed by the amount of acclimatation they need to do.
    Oh, and btw, some of those recommendations, like not having a swap partition, may slow down the machine a lot.
    Going from GNU to some more rudimentary Linux is more than just disabling aero effects in vista... much more radical than that.
    I encourage you to take Mint for a test run, just so you can see for yourself... besides, you'll be at home, it IS Ubuntu. Just more polished, is all.
    Besides, in the power saving department, you'll get a rollout of an upgrade that will incorporate new power management in Linux. So... at about the time where you really like Linux, and start using Windows less, it will be there for you.
    Oh, and btw... make sure your laptop manufacturer offers a free upgrade to Windows7 from that crappy lemon of a Vista! Otherwise you'll be running a single OS... and not the one that came on the computer.

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    Oh, and btw, some of those recommendations, like not having a swap partition, may slow down the machine a lot.
    Assuming a decent amount of ram and no use for swap dependent features (hibernate inparticular), a swap partition is not neccessary - especially with the growing gap in ram and hard drive speeds. It can improve performance by cacheing commonly accessed data (trivial really)... but at the cost of sapping some battery life.

    I have a gig of swap on a laptop and none on a netbook and both run perfectly.

    they work flawlessly - after all, they're built on Debian
    Fedora isn't based on Debian...

    If you don't have one of these small hidden partitions, create one, about the 2 x RAM size to be safe (so if you have 3GB of RAM, make the swap area 6).
    Using any more than 1 gig of swap on modern desktop hardware is a waste - 6 gigs is just insane. The old "swap = 2x ram" is long since depreciated.

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    I have a Dell Latitude laptop with Ubuntu 8.04.....1.8.... P4m....757mb Ram.....and I have no does everything that I need it to do...when choosing what distro to use ...i searched fro the one that seemed to favor my wireless card...the install was fast and simple move I ever made....

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    two years back,I got acer aspire 5310 now it has linux distro. like Fedora/Mandriva 2009 and issues till today.

    Though I never installed Windows on my system - So no comments on it
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