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    Angry puppy with firefox?


    1)give me link to download puppy with firefox only I HATE SEAMONKEY browser. Seamonkey stalls now n then even after update, i am more comfy with firefox.

    2) I am unable to download to my hard disk. too many linux terms i cant understand. Is there a user friendly puppy? i have puppy4 live CD with sea monkey.

    3)my hard disk 20GB(actual usage 18.6) is partitioned as 3GB ext3 (free), 500MB linux swap, 350MB ext2 (free) and rest is FAT32 (microsoft windows). Is this right partition? i want to install pup on ext2

    4)only problem is my computer is slow with 128RAM

    i shall appriciate easy explanations step by step. i am old man so keep it as simple as possible

    thank you in advance

    God bless you all

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    I dunno if Puppy Linux requires a special version of Firefox, but on just about every distro I've run, I've been able to get FF going without resorting to the official packages through the package manager. I don't know that Puppy or any special version of Puppy maintained has FF installed as the default browser, but it's not that hard to get FF on any Linux machine. Get FF straight from Mozilla's website. Once you've got that you'll need to extract it. This can be from the command line, or with a GUI program of your choice. The commands would follow along the lines of these commands, assuming that you downloaded to a location like /home.

    cd /home
    tar -xvjf firefox-3.5.2.tar.bz2
    cd firefox

    Again, if you feel more comfortable with a GUI, open up the file browser, right click the downloaded file, and you'll probably have to choose and option to "Extract" it or something.The file firefox is a shell script that will launch the program. In your menu editor, you can probably create an icon and link it to this file. As long as the shell script also has execution permissions, just clicking on it brings up FF all ready to go. That's how I've always gotten my FF working.

    As for your partition setup, Puppy Linux claims its install can be around 100MB, so installing on your 350MB ext2 partition is feasible, although you'll be cramped for space if you want to save files only on that partition. Still, it can be done. A better solution, however, would be to combine the 350MB ext2 partition and the 3GB ext3 partition into a single large ext2 partition. That's of course assuming you don't have something else installed on the 3GB ext3 partition (like another OS) that you don't want deleted. If there's nothing there, you might as well, it makes for better management too.

    If Puppy Linux is not user-friendly enough, try looking at other distros. Damn Small Linux is incredibly light on RAM so that may as well solve your problem with the speed on your netbook. An installed DSL needs as low as16MB of RAM to run on some systems, and by default, its browser is FF. This might allow you to solve 3 of your problems with one solution. Give it a try over Puppy sometime.

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    There is a package available.

    Download the .pet package and I believe puppy allows you to just click on it for install.

    Puppy Package: Firefox-3.5.2 with Flash 10 :: Eko Didik Widianto ::

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    thankyou for the reply

    @Reed9 i have downloaded the file and will let you know how it works. Thank you again.

    @Shonumi i did download DSL and copied it to floppy, when i boot from floppy it says it needs second media. Is the second media liveCD (which i have not made yet) or i did something wrong. Thank you again

    God bless you guys.

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    Thank you readers for the valuable input. God bless you all.

    i messed up everything, so i had to reformat my HD, now i got 1GB as ext3 Partition 3, linux swap is partition 2 350MB and rest is partition1 NTFS for windows.

    i did full download of Puppy on ext3 and now it is faster. i had to load and reload GRUB few times. deleted seamonkey and installed firefox.

    @Reed9 thankyou the link is working

    Finally my puppy is running. I thank you all.

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