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    Complete List of Linux Netbook Distros

    I'm going to install a new distro on my netbook and couldn't find a complete list of all the current netbook specific Linux distros. So, I started making a list. If you know of any that are included please add them.

    Also, I am hoping to get some feedback on the different netbook distros. What do you recommend and why?

    Here's the list so far:

    easy peasy - easypeasy - for netbooks
    gOS Cloud - Good OS - gOS and Cloud operating systems
    Moblin - Join the moblin development community |
    Pupeee - Puppy Linux Discussion Forum :: View topic - pupeee 4.2
    Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) - Ubuntu Netbook Remix | Canonical
    Ubuntu Moblin Remix (UMR) -
    Kubuntu Netbook Remix -
    Eeebuntu - Eeebuntu Official Site - Main

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    Well I am using Easy Peasy on my Asus eee 900a. easy Peasy has some specific tweaks for the asus eee hardware, there is aslo Eeebuntu, Puppeee. I recently tried moblin on aUSB stick I may switch over the interface was simple and slick, and to my surprise they had some cli stuff installed already, was able to ssh to my home server out of the box. Really interested to see what the distros will do with moblin.

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    Thanks, added those three to the list. Not sure how well the eee distros would run on my HP mini 1000.

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