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    Red face Linux Installation and Password problems!

    Hi, I'm new to Linux so these may be very stupid questions. Just go easy on me ok? I've used Windows for many years but am very annoyed by it so want to get into the Linux world, but it's all a bit strange to me.

    I currently have three issues:

    1. How do you install new software? I am used to downloading a windows executable (.exe file) and simply running it. When I try to download Adobe Flashplayer to my wife's Acer One (running Linpus Linux Lite v1.0.21.E) it asks me to choose from a range of different file types including YUM etc (I should have written them down I know!). Is it easy to tell which one to use? I also have a desktop on which I have installed OpenSUSE - which file type would I use for that?

    2. Once I've got the right file name, do I use the downloader with Linux? How do I then install? I seem to have several files in there, but I can't easily see how to get them installed and running? (Told you there would be stupid questions!)

    3. I keep being asked for a password to run software (on my wife's Acer One) but I don't remember setting one and the OS was pre-installed when we bought the netbook. Is there a default password or a way of cracking / resetting it?

    Many thanks in advance for your help! Looking forward to being able to ditch all Micros**t products in the near future!

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    Hello. In linux, you almost always install software through packages pre-compiled for your particular distribution. These are roughly akin to .exe files in Windows. Each distro has some sort of package management software. In opensuse, you use Yast, or from the command line, zypper.

    Each distro maintains their own online repositories of packages. Official packages are pretty much guaranteed to work properly, install properly, all that. There are also 3rd party community repositories that offer packages for distributions, usually of software that can't be included in the official repos because they are patent or license-encumbered, or otherwise non-free. The quality of these sites and packages can vary, but in generaly, the big well known ones are quite good.

    Package management system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    For setting the root password on the aspire one, try this first.

    My impression of Linpus Lite is that, well, it's not very good. Part of the problem is that it is based on Fedora 8, which is getting long in the tooth, and it uses some custom libraries, all of which make installing new software kind of challenging. I own one and I ripped out Linpus first thing, put on Arch.

    Here's some Aspire One related links:
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    package manager

    your package manager icon will usually be located in the menu and will have the name and description listed in some versions it is called aptget or package manager.
    It will require the root or superuser password to run
    the reason being is that linux will not allow unauthorized download or unauthorized update. this way no one but the root user can make a system change. (unlike winhosed that uses automatic updates that download too much garbage that changes things) because newer is not always better.
    Package management allows you to review the programs before you choose to install them.Welcome to linux !smart move ditching windows large collection of different distros to teach with

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    I just was willed (sorta) my Wifes Acer Aspire One. It came with XP and is the 160gb Sata Platter model.

    When she first got it. I set it up as a dual boot with Easy peasy 1 which is based on Ubuntu 8.10.

    Everything worked out of the box with that distro on her Acer Aspire One.
    Flash,PDF Reader, Music Player, Webcam, Chat, Wireless, Everything.

    It was pretty painless doing a USB Install. Just a option to Linpus.
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