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    Fedora on my Macbook

    I recently installed Windows 7 Professional on my macbook using bootcamp. It was pretty simple and straightforward, but I want to get Fedora on it and was wondering how I would go about doing this. I'm in college and I'll be majoring in CS so I thought it'd be useful to have Linux on my laptop to play around with.

    How much disk space should I allocate for it? My main OS is still going to be Mac OS. I have an external HD where I store most of my files too, so space isn't a problem for me. Can I put the install files on a 4GB USB drive and load it from there or do I need something else? I've dabbled a TINY BIT in linux on my home machine with Ubuntu, but I failed miserably. It installed and everything, but with no programming experience, I just got too frustrated and deleted the partition.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    I don't run Fedora and don't own a Macbook so can't be all that helpful with specifics, but here's a blog HowTo where the author seems to have laid it all out pretty well:

    Installing Fedora 11 on a MacBook

    Hopefully, it will work for you, and I'd think it should work about the same with Fedora 12 should you wish to install it rather than version 11.

    Let us know how it goes!

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