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    Question cant make any sort of sense

    im new to linux and im stuggling alot!! ive read all sorts of introductions to linux but im drawing a blank. im not very technical at all!!
    i have an acer aspire one with linpus lite os already installed!! ive bought this preowned so not alot of help with it!!
    i want to download but its proving a frustrating task.
    when i do download it says it has done. i get the option open or remove so i open! it then brings up a box with what im guessing is the components of the file. thats pretty much as far as it will let me go and i dont know how to make it install/run. so that i can use these programs.
    i tried to update the adobe reader and it did this likewise with other things!!
    i dont get all the computer terms and what not so simple is good lol


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    Hi Loopin, we need to know exactly what you downloaded so that we take you through the installation process how ever that shouldn't disappoint you at all.
    Let us know the file format you downloaded eg, .tar.gz, .tar.bzip2, .tar, .rpm, .deb etc otherwise u have to know that each has different way of installing.
    Help us with that infor and we will happily help you too.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    You might want to consider installing a better Linux distribution, as Linpus is considered somewhat crippled by many users thereby making it harder to use, especially for users that are new to Linux. Maybe some other Aspire One users will reply with some distribution suggestions that will make things easier for you.

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