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    ASUS X51R ----> acpi problem

    Hi, i have asus x51r laptop, and i'm having problem with it....i installed ubuntu 9.10 on it and it worked perfectly until it was on AC power, but when i have unplugged it, it just die.....i was googling little and i found that it has problem with ACPI, i solved that problem by adding ACPI=OFF in bootline, but that was not clever solution because if i turn acpi off, i cant see battery status, than i back on 8.04... In the mid time i tried some other distros with "younger" kernels, and all of them act same, so i am wondering is it possible to solve this problem and if it is, how is it possible to make any linux distro which has kernel higher than 2.6.24 to work as it should on my laptop??? Thank you...

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    Well, since nobody has responded. I guess I will bite. I had a similar problem with a Acer Aspire One ZG5 that would die when unplugged using Easy Peasy 1.5 (Ubuntu 8.10). I don't run Ubuntu 9.10. Just a preference is all.

    Instead of acpi=off in the boot parameter. I fixed it by just unplugging the battery and reseating it in the netbook. On mine though. The battery led was flashing on and off when plugged in. After it was reseated. The led would stay lit and the battery would charge.

    Open synaptic package manager (hit the reload button first) and do a search for just acpi after reload is done. Look for acpi and acpi tools and install them using synaptic package manager. Take the acpi=off your kernel boot line (I use grub legacy) so you already know where you added the entry.

    Try my fix and see if it works for you. Hope so. Happy Trails, Rok
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    hi again, thank you for the replay, but I'm not sure that i have understood the first part very well "I fixed it by just unplugging the battery and reseating it in the netbook." Did you take battery out off your computer until it was plugged in AC, or...did you just toke the charger off and back it again in the power; i will try your fix for sure, and hope that it will work, after i try it, i will notify did i succeed or did i fail to make it...and just one more question, you mentioned grub, is it possible to add line in grub for permanent, that would be useful cause in that case i could start system without adding acpi=off command on every boot, thanx again...

    P.s. i'm not sure that my sentences are grammatically correct, i have never understood tenses till I was in school

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