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    Force cardbus IRQ assignments?

    Laptop: IBM ThinkPad 770E
    WiFi card: Blitzz (rtl8180) cardbus
    Distro: Vector Linux 6L (Slackware 12.1)

    I have an IRQ conflict between USB and the WiFi card. Basically, the WiFi card gets assigned IRQ 11 upon insert or startup. When started with the card inserted, the USB supposedly gets assigned IRQ 10, but I believe this laptop does not actually support changing the default USB IRQ (11). When I insert a USB device, a kernel message appears "Interrupt 11 disabled" and then I can't use the card or the USB device until I reboot. If I boot with the USB inserted, the WiFi card fails to even be identified when inserted. If I boot with both inserted, the computer locks at coldplugging (using VL-Hot). I tried modifying /etc/pcmcia/config.opts to exclude irq 11, but apparently that doesn't have an effect on cardbus cards.

    According to the /proc/interrupts dump, the available interrupts are 3 and 4 (and I'd infer 10). I don't have any serial devices, so the use of 3 or 4 should be fine if the card supports it. I'd prefer forcing the card on 10 if I could.

    I have almost no net service at home right now, and this laptop is my link to public WiFi when I have the time to get to it. I have another issue involving another PCMCIA card, but it's a separate issue with less priority. Right now, I'd like to focus on being able to use a flash drive and WiFi at the same time. My limited web searches have pulled up obsolete documents that haven't helped me very much, or referred to a Windows utility from IBM which I don't have available to me at present. Ideas, links, experience, instruction, all welcome. Thank you.

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    links, experience, instruction, all welcome.
    Welllll. No experiece here Dcat. Nor any instruction either. This stuff is way over my head sadly. So like the Wizard of Oz to the scarecrow.

    irq conflict 2010 - Google Search

    The Linux Modem How-To - 6.10 Set IO Address & IRQ in the hardware (mostly for PnP)

    The Linux Modem How-To - 6.7 What is the IO Address & IRQ of my Serial Port Hardware?

    Read this somewhere
    You should be able to change the IRQ in your BIOS settings. If that doesn't work, use the setserial program on Linux to change this value.
    and this
    Do a man setserial to learn your command options. Be aware that if your physical serial ports do have fixed IRQ and/or memory addresses, you may run into conflicts when playing with setserial and/or with other devices.
    and since I use Puppy I looked at

    Puppy Linux Discussion Forum :: View topic - USB - PCMCIA modem IRQ conflict

    which led me to look at

    Puppy Linux Discussion Forum :: View topic - Slaxer_Pup 4.12 solid and stable

    which probably don't help you a whole hell of a lot. But hey. At least I am bumping up your thread since no body else is answering. Good Luck with it Dcat. Sorry I can't be of much help to ya. Happy Trails, Rok
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    Unhappy Disappointing news

    Well, After much confluggeration with the DOS partition and the PS2 utility (why the h311 did IBM put a DOS utility in a Windows installer?), I've determined that there is no workable solution.

    Cardbus at IRQ 10: Booting, system locks while attempting to initiate wireless.
    Insert after boot: Kernel message: Interrupt 10 disabled.

    Cardbus at IRQ 3: Booting, system locks while attempting coldplugging.
    Insert after boot: card not recognized.

    Stuck at IRQ 11, stuck with USB or Cardbus wireless, but not both simultaneously.


    Thanks for trying Roky. I found the discussion with slaxer-pup on an IBM 600 (closely related setup) relevant but of limited usefulness. The lack of useful solutions on the web seems to be because there are none. Either it works for you from the get-go or you're pretty much 5(r3w3d. If someone can prove me wrong, please do and let me know exactly what was done to fix it. Thank you.

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