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    I don't seem to see the "wa311" listed on thier web site and the netgear wg311 doesn't look like a USB device to me

    but if there is a USB version where would I download the driver from exactly?

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    My laptop has a wired port built in eth0 and when I plug my wireless card in it becomes eth1. So it coould be a mirad of things why not have him post the output from


    cardctl info
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    I'll try everything that has been posted, but I can't get results back untill this weekend because I left my laptop at my grandma's house
    I appreciate everyone who posted though. I let you guys know which one works.

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    For me it depends on the distro. In Red Hat I had to do a lot of configuration to get it to work actually I had to write a hermes.conf script but it worked. In Fedora I couldn't ever get it to work and in SUZE, Mandrake, and Slackware it worked with no additional configurations. Worked right out of the box.

    I have never used a wrapper, but maybe that would have fixed the fedora problem I had never tried. I changed Distos.
    Currently I am using slackware and it is eth0 if I am not plugged in cat 5 if I am plugged and I have my wireless card in it defaults to eth1.
    I want to add that each time I install my Distro I have my wireless card plugged in so it grabs the drivers during install. If you do this and you are set to dhcp it will find the wireless and grab and Ip right after the install. At least it did it for me.
    I hope this helps

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    Netgear WG311

    Have been trying to follow these posts in order to install my Netgear. Purchaed it bec. of rreading other posts which seemed to indicate that i might be able to get it running. Have physically taken out my old LAN card, installed the new one, "uninstalled" Eth0 and rebooted. Am now going to MCC to see if i can find some sort of a driver to run it with. Is this correct? Have a nice evening! Well, Mandriva doesn't seem to recognize the card. At least when i got through the Wizards, the only thing it can come up with is a list from which i need to manually choose. Any ideas which of these drivers should be installed???

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    frazelle09, I'd suggest you take a look at this post and find out what kind of driver is required to get the card running.
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