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    Hard Disk Sleep mode

    I have a problem since about 2 years that I cannot find a solution for, I posted it in many forums with no luck, this is the first time I post it in linux forums.

    My laptop Hard disk heats , it reached to 55 sometimes, so all the time I have acooling pad to make it in the range of 40s.

    when I checked the cycle count by smart tools, I found out that the count doesn't increase at all. it means my Hard disk never spins down..

    When I try "hdparm -y /dev/sda" it spins down and immediate spins up again. and of course the cycle count increases by one every time I use that command.

    well ... when I use the command with the -Y it sleeps for a couple of seconds before it spins up again which actually decreased the temperature !

    now I want to put that in a script to issue the hdparm -Y command every 5 minutes for example. but I dont know if that is healthy to the HD or not .. as I heard the hard disk is supposed to increase the cycle count by about 15 every hour .. so I guess its fine !

    and I am looking for a way yo increase the write cache so linux doesn't have to spin up the hard disk after seconds of spin down..

    I can use some advice from people who tried this before .. thanks

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    Have you tried the -B <n> option with hdparm? From the hdparm man page:
           -B     Set  Advanced  Power  Management  feature, if the drive supports it. A low
                  value means aggressive power management and a high value means better per-
                  formance. A value of 255 will disable apm on the drive.
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