My previous laptop crapped out, so I'm looking at replacing it. I'm currently thinking pretty heavily about a Toshiba Satelite P500-ST68X2. I would attach a URL, but the site won't let me.

I have a couple questions though.

1) The graphics card is a Nvidia GT330M, which as I understand now has linux drivers, correct?

2) With the i7 CPU, some of the features (eg the turbo boost) aren't supported in linux, correct?

3)Does anybody have one of these? Any general thoughts?

4)I'm also worried about the wireless card, as it isn't listed on the toshiba site, but I believe its a realtek. Does anybody know if it linux compatible? I know my previous laptop had a realtek that didn't work with linux.

5) Lastly, does anybody know if there is enough room to put in a second hard drive? The one in my now broken laptop still works.