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    Compaq LTE 5280 - problems with video card drivers

    Hi. I'm really new to linux but I figured this would fit better in the laptop section rather than in the newbie section.

    So, to the problem; I installed Debian 3.0 r2 on an old Compaq LTE 5280 laptop (Pentium 120 MHz, 32 MB RAM, video card: Cirrus Logic GD7543, 1024 kB, 800x600 res.).

    First, after installation, X would not start at all. I went through these guides I found through a google search, but they led me nowhere (I could not find a guide for the specific laptop/video card, the closest I got was one for the Compaq LTE 5200 model which uses a different video card). I ran the xf86config program over and over again, trying different combinations of video card etc, with no luck.
    Then a friend of mine adviced me to use the VISA driver. With VISA specified in the XF86Config file X starts and works fine, except for one minor thing. There appears a lot of horizontal gray and green (same colour as background) lines at what seems like random places on the screen. I tested to put in an extra monitor and gets the same problem on both screens, so I figured it has to be the video card driver.

    Any suggestions on other video card configurations or other ways to get rid of those annoying horizontal lines?

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    here is a link to someone else's XF86Config file:

    i believe that's the exact same setup as your laptop, so you may even be able to copy and paste that exact file into your XF86Config file, but first look over it to see if it has the solution to your problem.

    horizontal lines on the screen are probably something having to do with horizontal sync and vertical refresh rates rather than video card drivers. look up the specs on your monitor to make sure they match with the values in your XF86Config file.

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