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    Wasn't positive where to put this thread..and the name; i want to attract ppl with knowledge of the three. I am looking for some help on deciding; right now I'm running Ubuntu Netbook Remix.

    I use ubuntu netbook remix as i am on a asus eee pc 1005peb. I want to be actually learning linux though and feel as im getting cheated. I love it because it runs like a dream compared to windows..ahhh..oh so slow. And I just had 3 classes with and love it but hate it. Now wanna tinker with python and C# and i felt that it would not lag on linux os. running visual studio on win7 on my netbook made it lag ALOT.

    Do you recommend another linux distro for netbooks? I like opensuse but not sure if its for netbooks. Lotta ppl hate netbooks but i personally love it. maybe i need another gig of ram but its mobile, can take it anywhere; i love it.

    Please any comments at all are welcome; Just asking if i really need a "netbook os of linux" or any distro of linux will be fine and what do you recommend?

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    I am not netbook smart, and I don't know the specs of your netbook, but you may have to accept that what you're trying to do or what you'd like to do is incompatible with the capabilities of your netbook. The programming environments you want to use require a minimum amount of memory and processor capability to be acceptably usable, and that may not be possible on a netbook.

    Perhaps you could modify your desired programming environment to one that would be acceptable on a netbook. Some say that you're not really learning to program unless you're using a legacy text editor like vi, vim, emacs, etc. and then compiling, linking, running, debugging, etc. your programs from the command line. There's certainly a lot that can be learned using that approach, and it seems those type of editors should work fine on your hardware as should the necessary compilers. And I've heard those editors can be customized to act like IDEs, but I haven't done it.

    There are also bare bones but quite capable IDEs like Geany that may give you a little more of the IDE feel you desire without bringing your netbook to its knees.

    You may have options for coding on your netbook. Don't give up and good luck.

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    As far as what flavor of linux will run on your netbook, check Go through the search function for netbook distros that are active. It brings up 19 distro's that are recommended for netbooks. Easypeasy, Puppy linux, lubuntu, Peppermint, and crunchbang are some of the choices they recommend.

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    I dunno; I used visual studio 2008 on windows 7 starter and it was slow but did work; maybe if i upgrade a gig of ram it'll be all good. Everything runs faster on ubuntu netbook remix versus microsoft everything was a bit laggy.

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