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Thread: Should I?

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    Should I?


    (sorry I had to butcher the link but it's because the forum won't let me post them yet )

    According to this website(above) Ubuntu works fine on my lab-top version. But it says like version 7 or something and now version 10.04 is out. Do you guys think 10.04 will probably work out okay too?

    My battery is currently dead as well. So the lab-top needs to be plugged in at all times, would this present driver issues?

    Are the chances of my SD card slots being rendered useless after the switch high? How about my USB ports?

    I'm nervous about making the switch and if it doesn't run on my labtop then I am kinda screwed(no back-up windows CD). I am fed up with windows though and I am an ex-computer science major so I'm not completely dumb, just dumb to linux.

    If something get's messed up with the installation is there any chance someone here could maybe help walk me through it?

    Thanks I really appreciate it.

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    Linux Guru Segfault's Avatar
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    I'd say go for it. Don't know how fast that hardware is, Xubuntu may be a good choice, too.

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    My hard-ware is pretty darn slow. Got like a gig of ram so I am going 32 bit, and I'd look to see what my processor is, I know it's an AMD something but everytime I click a windows(vista) process it's pretty much whacked out and the computer shuts down. So it's pretty hard to check, but we'll see.

    So I am just DBANing the whole hard-drive, just for the satisfaction then if all goes to plan booting linux.

    I'm going for it!

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    Linux Guru coopstah13's Avatar
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    vista would run like a hog on a machine with 1g memory

    ubuntu 10.04 regular gnome edition would run perfectly well on it

    you can easily check to make sure it will be fine first by just running the live cd of it, this way you can check out and make sure everything is working fine before installing (it will be slower than hard disk since it runs from CD only)

    Also, I would recommend trying the live version of linux mint 9, it is very nice and newbie friendly.

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    You should be good. I was running 9.04 on an ancient Compaq w/ 256MB and it ran fine. Battery no problem either. Said Compaq's batt doesn't hold a charge either.


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    With one gig RAM and a relatively old CPU, I'd recommend either Zenwalk Linux or antiX, at Distribution Release: antiX MEPIS 8.5 ( News).

    The former is very attractive and a Slackware fork, the latter a Debian-based distro.

    Best wishes!

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    With 1 GB of ram, Ubuntu 10.04 should run fine, I runit on 512 MB of ram, and have run it on 382 Mb, but it ran very slow. The suggestion of using a live cd to check out and make sure your hardware works is a good one. Ubuntu recognizes most hardware, so your USB and what not should work, but it never hurts to check first. Good luck and welcome to linux forums.

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    The install went so well. Came with lots of goodies I went with Mint 9.

    But... I am REALLY lost trying to connect to my wire-less router(posting from a different computer). I've been at it all day and nothing .

    I tried plugging it in directly to my router and typing in the BSSID and - nothing.
    I tried putting in all the info into the wireless connection thing(except the mac address because I don't know it) and - nothing.
    I tried click on the "windows network" and - nothing.

    So I've been doing a lot of research and it appears as though my Broadcom 43 driver is not installed/activated? I don't mean to sound ungreatful but how come I can't find a download link for this driver anyere EXCEPT through the linux soft-ware... How can i download a driver for my wire-less card if I can't get on-line?

    Same deal with this 'MintWifi' that's supposed to make this ordeal alot easier. how can I get this program, if the only way to get it is by using the linux soft-ware, when my linux computer cannot get online? I hope I am just missing something really easy and obvious here.

    Any help would be really appreciated I tried running ifconfig and iwconfig etc, I looked at the Network Tools and there's no connectivity I don't think. I know for a fact my cable internet connection(linksys wire-less router) works because I am posting to you now from a Windows XP computer on that net-work.

    I'm sorry if I sound snotty/frusterated but my best buddy dog(had her for 16 years) was put to sleep today and I mean nothing by it, just hoping for some tips. Thank you.

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    Linux Engineer MASONTX's Avatar
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    Try this link, b43 - Linux Wireless

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    Thank you, but I have already found this site. however, I could not find where to download the right file from there... I feel blind. I clicked on the download link, but what it talks about on that page seems to be something different? Chances are I just don't understand it(feels weird to not understand technology haha).

    edit -
    So I just downloaded MadWifi, hopefully this is what they were talking about .

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